AHK-Cu (for Hair Care) - 1 gram

Copper Tri-peptides (AHK-Cu) are used for scalp and hair care.

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Copper Tri-peptides (AHK-Cu) are naturally-occurring, small protein fragments that have a high affinity to copper ions.  While AHK-Cu is used in skin-care, it is generally used more for both scalp and hair care than GHK-Cu.

How to Use

The recommended percentage of AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides to use within your custom formula is 2.5 to 5%.

Since AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides are water-soluble, they may be blended in either RejuvePlex (a water-based solution), or with Marine Seakelp Bioferment (resulting in a thicker and gelatinous solution,  preferably around 20% of which is Marine Seakelp Bioferment).  A blending tutorial can be found here:  


How to Blend

As an example, the following is how to go about properly adding 2.5% AHK-Cu Copper Tri-peptides into a 2 oz. bottle of RejuvePlex.  First, convert 2 oz. to grams (56.7g).  Now, multiply 56.7 by .025 (2.5%), and the result will be:  1.4 grams of AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides.

Proceed to carefully measure out 1.4g of AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides on a small scale.  Once measured, pour the contents of your RejuvePlex bottle into a measuring cup.  Next, blend the AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides into the RejuvePlex until it is in solution.  Finally, pour the newly "spiked" RejuvePlex back into the bottle.

Reference Links:

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