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Anti-Aging Ecklonia Cava Stimulates Hair Growth

If the thought of better hair, skin, and internal health appeals to you, then you may want to learn more about one of the most amazing sea "botanical" antioxidants ever discovered...

Ecklonia Cava Extract

This sea botanical is actually a brown seaweed algae harvested from the coasts of Korea that contains a plethora of benefits that can leave one looking and feeling healthier than ever before. This type of seaweed plant is best known as Ecklonia Cava.

While Ecklonia Cava has been used traditionally for long periods in history, it wasn't until relatively recently that it's become subject to a litany of scientific research. Much of the research on human health has focused on memory, cholesterol, blood pressure control, enhancing blood circulation, joint support, and improvements in fat metabolism (which can aid weight loss efforts).

However, some of the most exciting attributes found within Ecklonia Cava play a strong role in positively impacting the health of one's hair and skin, as how one appears on the outside is largely reflective of one's internal health. The beneficial effects are thought to be, at least in part, due to Ecklonia Cava's strong antioxidant activity. This antioxidant activity assists in neutralizing free radicals present in the body that damage tissues and accelerate the aging process. Such a benefit is a huge boon to one's health in an era when dietary and environmental influences increase the body's free radical burden.

Ecklonia Cava is not just any antioxidant, and unlike most botanical extracts and antioxidants, it possesses free radical scavenging activity that is up to a hundred times of most antioxidants out there (such as green tea polyphenols). Just as important is the activity nature of Ecklonia Cava, as it traps free radicals in both water and fat-soluble tissues, which in essence affords it a longer activity period in the body to mount a strong offensive against free radicals.

The typical plant-based, water-soluble antioxidant will provide about 30 minutes of protection, while Ecklonia Cava can offer up to 24 times that period--a full 12 hour half-life!

For the technically-inclined, here are further details on how Ecklonia Cava supports healthier looking for best hair growth products and skin...

Ecklonia Cava is a potent inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9). This enzyme degrades human hair follicles. The polyphenols of Ecklonia Cava contain an interconnected phenolic ring structure capable of trapping 10 to 100 times the free radicals than either green tea or resveratrol are capable of.  Ecklonia Cava has also been shown in studies, as well as clinically observed, to regulate cortisol, help lower blood pressure, boost growth hormone levels, lower triglycerides, dampen inflammation through an inhibition of the NF-kB inflammatory pathway, and to help support blood glucose levels. 

Additional research suggests that Ecklonia Cava possesses other unique and beneficial characteristics such as the ability to penetrate the blood-brain-barrier, which serves to provide antioxidant protection for the brain. For circulation, Ecklonia Cava possesses potent anti-plasmin inhibition activity, which results in thinner blood viscosity. As one ages, one's blood becomes thicker.  This results in increased friction in blood vessels, which can damage the lining of said vessels. Therefore, the thinner our blood, the less potential damage to our blood vessels.

How Does Ecklonia Cava Support Hair Growth?

Recently, Ecklonia Cava was tested for its hair growth remedies promotion effect and natural hair growth remedies . It was found that Ecklonia Cava extract increased the growth phase (anagen) of the hair follicle, increased the growth potentiation of the hair cells (dermal papilla), and results in the reduction of 5α-reductase activity, an enzyme responsible for the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). (Int J Mol Sci. 2012;13(5):6407-23)

Rather than chemically destroy DHT with a pharmaceutical, Ecklonia Cava naturally modifies the environment within the hair cells and natural hair growth remedies.  In turn, this modification downregulates the expression of the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. This is an important distinction, as there are no side-effects associated with a natural process!

Another factor in best hair growth products or male pattern baldness to consider is that having elevated blood pressure is strongly associated with androgenetic hair loss. (Eur J Dermatol. 2007 May-Jun;17(3):220-2.)

Ecklonia Cava research supports a mechanism that enhances a reduction in blood pressure. Moreover, Ecklonia Cava supports healthy adipocyte differentiation, which improves how fatty acids are metabolized. Recent research supports this benefit towards healthier hair regrowth products. (J Invest Dermatol. 2012 Jun 28).

Ecklonia Cava has potent anti-DGAT activity. Diacylglycerol acyltransferase or DGAT is an enzyme that catalyzes triacylgycerol in adipocytes, and in turn enhances the production of adiponectin, which has been shown to promote hair growth remedies.

Of interest to the realm of health or beauty, Ecklonia Cava helps prevent premature wrinkling (which can be induced by diet or ultraviolet radiation) by increasing the enzymatic activity of elastase, and inhibiting an enzyme (MMP-1). This enzyme promotes the breakdown of collagen. (Biol Pharm Bull. 2006 Aug;29(8):1735-9.)

There are a few Ecklonia Cava products on the market, however, the majority that we have encountered contain an incredibly low percentage of Ecklonia Cava in the formulation.  We wholly endorse and recommend Ortho Nutrition™ Pure Ecklonia Cava as it contains a 98% purity extract of quality Ecklonia Cava Extract.