Improving Your Sugar Metabolism

Have you been told that you are insulin resistant? Do you commonly experience "food comas" after consuming a large meal? Your body produces powerful antioxidant enzymes (such as glutathione) that helps one to metabolize one’s glucose levels more efficiently. One way to boost your ability to burn glucose is to do one or both of the following…

(1) Exercise moderately.  Exercising will stimulate your body's production of antioxidant enzymes which will, in turn, improve your glucose levels.

(2) Ingest plant-based antioxidants. Certain plant-based antioxidants will stimulate your cellular glutathione production. Some examples include: curcumin, resveratrol, and sulforaphane; all of which are found in therapeutic quantities within Ortho Nutrition's Antioxidant Boost formula. Additionally, grapeseed extract and the almighty brown seaweed known as Ecklonia Cava pack a serious punch in cellular glutathion production.

Improving your sugar metabolism is done through evaluating diet, lifestyle, environment, and genetics.

Another culprit attributed to both enlarged prostate and prostate cancer is the hormone prolactin. [1], [2], [3]

Most of us think of the hormone prolactin as providing a dilation of the ducting of milk pathways in the female breast. However, excess prolactin is implicated in everything from increased appetite (sugar cravings) to hair loss, prostate cancer, breast cancer, depression, and even acute coronary heart syndromes! [4], [5]

When prolactin increases, it can be a sign that your thyroid function is starting to decrease. It may also indicate that your metabolic function is compromised. The way to address this is to boost, preferably by natural means, your thyroid function. A key component in getting one’s thyroid back on track is to ingest significant amounts of iodine on a daily basis. Unfortunately, unless you are eating a good deal of seaweed and fish on a daily basis, there is a good chance that you are one of the 90% of people in Western civilization that are iodine-deficient. 

An organic form of iodine from a trustworthy source is a hard thing to come by, which is why we carry and wholly recommend Ortho Nutrition’s™ Thyroid Boost.  This formula not only contains all of the organic iodine that you will need, but being that it is a full-spectrum extract of Laminaria Japonica (a unique brown seaweed), it also contains other vital co-factors, minerals, and nutrients that are necessary for optimal thyroid health!


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