Pure Ecklonia Cava - 1 bottle

Ortho Nutrition™ Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract is an incredibly powerful and partially fat-soluble antioxidant that provides for a unique half-life of 12 to 14 hours of free radical defense.

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Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract by Ortho Nutrition™

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Contains 60 Capsules

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Pure Ecklonia Cava Extract (ECE) utilizes Ford-Speranza Nutraceuticals'™ 98% purity ECE. Our Ecklonia Cava is harvested from only the healthiest plants found in the sea. The unique water extraction method employed removes all of the undesirable plant material, and stringent microbiological testing takes care of potential impurities. The result? Ecklonia Cava at its purest.

Ecklonia Cava Extract is a unique polyphenol complex found in brown algae. It is a potent, marine-based source of polyphenolic compounds with an incredibly high antioxidant (ORAC) value of 8300, and an equally impressive half-life of up to 14 hours. Unlike most land-based water-soluble polyphenols, ECE contains hydrophobic compounds capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, enabling antioxidant support for both the brain and neural tissues.

Further benefits of supplementing with Ortho Nutrition™ Pure Ecklonia Cava may include, but certainly aren't limited to:

- Potent anti-plasmin inhibition activity, as plasmin assists in breaking down blood clots, therefore the inhibition of anti-plasmin encourages healthier blood circulation

- Is both a water (60%) and fat-soluble (40) antioxidant

- Bactericidal activity that assists in restoring proper flora balance to the gut and body

- Assists in inhibiting enzymes Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and 9 (MMP-2 and MMP-9) activity, both of which have been shown to play significant roles in wrinkle formation, arthritis, chronic inflammation, and metastasis

- Exerts beneficial effects on the body similar to the medical drug Doxycycline, but exhibits no signs of the side-effects that come with the usage of this drug

- Helps to maintain and normalize healthy blood glucose levels


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